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Farry Opposes Bill to Increase Taxes on Pennsylvania Families and Businesses
Lawmaker says bill shows House leaders have turned their backs on reform
HARRISBURG – Rep. Frank Farry (R-Bucks) today opposed legislation that would raise taxes on Pennsylvania families and businesses to pay for increased spending in the state budget which has a deficit of more than $3 billion.
House Bill 1531, the tax code bill which must accompany the state budget, represents a $1 billion tax increase on Pennsylvania’s families and businesses.
“Pennsylvania is dealing with a nationwide economic recession,” said Farry. “State spending has increased by $8 billion over the last seven years. We cannot continue spending beyond our means and taking more money from Pennsylvania families and employers to pay for it.”
Farry said he was particularly concerned that House Democrats are calling for tax increases when significant savings could be achieved by eliminating waste fraud and abuse throughout state government.
“The Democrat auditor general has reported that waste, fraud and abuse at the Department of Public Welfare could cost Pennsylvania taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars,” Farry said. “Before we even consider tax increases, we should take steps to eliminate this waste.”

Farry added that House Republicans have offered a reasonable, balanced budget that would fund essential state services and increase education funding without raising taxes.
“State government must live within its means,” Farry said. “The budget plan I support sets reasonable spending priorities based on our current financial situation and it does not raise taxes. I will not support tax increases when there is a workable, no tax alternative on the table.”
Farry added that by passing House Bill 1531 this way, Democrat House leaders turned their backs on the reforms they promised to implement. 
“Pennsylvanians demanded significant changes in the way business is done in Harrisburg,” said Farry. “Although Democrat House leaders spent a lot of time talking about a new era of openness in state government, they circumvented the committee process by gutting and amending this bill in the House Rules Committee and forcing the bill through the House late in the day. That is the wrong way to conduct the people’s business and their actions make it clear they have turned their backs on reform and transparency.”
House Bill 1531 passed the House by a vote of 103 to 98.
Rep. Frank Farry
142nd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact: Sean Yeakle
House Republican Public Relations
(717) 787-3406