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Tax Amnesty Begins Today, Farry Says

Rep. Frank Farry (R-Bucks) would like to inform delinquent taxpayers in Pennsylvania that they will soon be able to pay their back taxes without heavy penalties through the Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty Program. 

Created by Act 48 of 2009, the Tax Amnesty Program will waive 100 percent penalties and half of the interest for anyone who pays his or her delinquent state taxes between April 26 and June 18. 

The 54-day Tax Amnesty Program is intended to generate $190 million to balance the current fiscal year budget.  It is generally available to all individuals, businesses and other entities with Pennsylvania tax delinquencies as of June 30, 2009.  Non-filed tax returns or reports, as well as unpaid, under-reported or un-established taxes, whether known or unknown to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, constitute eligible delinquencies. 

All delinquent taxpayers known to the Department of Revenue will receive mail notification in late April informing them of both their tax delinquencies and the PA Tax Amnesty Program. 

Taxpayers will only be able to apply for the PA Tax Amnesty online; no paper applications will be available.  The online application along with detailed instructions will be available for the duration of the Tax Amnesty period, from April 26 through June 18. 

For more information about the Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty Program, visit Farry’s Web site at

Rep. Frank Farry
142nd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact:  Sean Yeakle
House Republican Public Relations
(717) 787-3406

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