May. 05, 2020

HARRISBURG – Reps. Frank Farry (R-Bucks), Kate Klunk(R-York) and John Hershey (R-Mifflin/Juniata/Franklin) joined together to introduce House Bill 777, which would allow social clubs to keep a full share of small games of chance funds for one full year after a state of emergency is lifted.

Currently, clubs keep 40 percent of the proceeds of small games with the remaining 60 percent going to support community organizations. House Bill 777 would allow for the club to elect to keep up to 100 percent for one year after the emergency declaration is rescinded. This bill would be applicable not just during the COVID-19 disaster but would remain in statute for other disasters such as weather-related emergencies.

"The most prevalent clubs in my district are veterans’ organizations. They are currently shuttered during the COVID-19 crisis, losing out on bar and hall rental revenues,” Farry said.“They spend so much of their proceeds helping our veteran community, this is the least we can do to help them get back on their feet when this crisis is over."

The bill now moves to the entire House for consideration.

Representative Frank Farry
142nd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Rene Morrow