Apr. 18, 2019

IVYLAND – At a senior expo event this morning held by Rep. Wendi Thomas (R-Richboro), Bucks County State Rep. Frank Farry (R-Langhorne) joined Thomas in announcing their soon-to-be introduced legislation to freeze property taxes for eligible homeowners, age 65 years of age or older.

“Far too often we hear from seniors in our districts who are on a fixed income and have trouble staying in their homes due to the large burden of property taxes,” Farry said. “While ultimately we would like to see statewide elimination of property taxes, we can take the first step by granting immediate relief to our most vulnerable residents.”

The bill would also require the homeowner to have established residency within the Commonwealth, paid property taxes for more than five years prior to filing for the freeze and a combined household income under $65,000 per year. The legislation would also allow senior residents whose income exceeds $65,000 to qualify if their property tax liability is 10% or more of their total income.

“This would provide a much-needed degree of financial certainty for older Pennsylvanians and ensure they can remain in the homes they worked their entire lives for,” said Thomas.

The lawmakers said their legislation is currently garnering support among members of the House and will be officially introduced in the coming weeks.

Representative Frank Farry
142nd District
Representative Wendi Thomas
178th Legislative District

Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: David Foster